Out Of The Chute CD

Out Of The Chute: OUR NEW CD


March 5-8, 2015

3rd Annual Cowgirl True Girlfriend Getaway at the Flying-E Ranch, Wickenburg AZ

Rates include 4 day/3 night stay with food, tax and gratuity included, per person. 

Lodge room: $650.00 per person.  Poolside room: $675.00 per person

Luxury suite: $700.00 per person. 

Call for reservations:  1-888-684-2650


  1. Cowboy Sweetheart
  2. Rancher Lips
  3. Amelia Crane
  4. Ranch Boss
  5. He's Bein' A Kid Again
  6. Live Life Backwards
  7. She Lives
  8. I've Just Got To Be A Cowgirl
  9. You Can Squat With Yer Spurs On
  10. Montana/Ranch Lullaby
  11. She Is A Cowgirl
  12. Half The Hand
  13. Amazing Grace Tribute

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Cowgirl True:  Belinda Gail & Diane Tribitt

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